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Become an Investor in myCryptoWallet’s Live Marketplace

Come and invest in the ever-growing market of blockchain assets. myCryptoWallet is a digital currency service based in Australia and does money exchanges for both the Australian and New Zealand dollar.

With our digital marketplace platform, controlling your digital wealth has never been easier. It’s complete with a vast resource of secure and reliable wallet services. myCryptoWallet lets users trade with all the latest high-value blockchain assets available: Bitcoins, Ethereum, Litecoins and XRP. Users also have access to a 24/7 live marketplace accessible in real-time from your desktop, phone and other mobile devices.

Access to Current Market Values

Our platform stays up-to-date with current market trends so our users can continue to make wise investments options as the market changes.

Be in Control of Your Wealth

myCryptoWallet facilitates a peer-to-peer live marketplace with numerous wallet management services. It provides users ultimate control in managing all their blockchain assets.

Secured & Insured

We’re current with all international standards and regulations and use the latest technology to offer peace of mind to our users. We’re also insured to protect against hacks, fraud and theft.

Trade with Verified Investor

With each new myCryptoWallet user, we ensure they go through a rigorous, third-party electronic identity verification process before they can start trading with other investors.

Free & Secure Digital Currency Wallet Creation

Creating your wallet is free and easy to do thanks to our immediate fiat deposit, withdrawal and fix-rate exchange services.

Find Confidence in a Digital Marketplace You Can Trust

myCryptoWallet seeks to build a community of verified investors that find value and trust through a single cryptocurrency platform. We continue to advance our services and online marketplace to become a world leader in the digital market.

Offering the utmost in security and assurance, our support team is always standing by 24/7 to process claims and take care of all client concerns. We do all of this because we understand the importance of having a platform that shares in the concerns and investments of its users.