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Withdrawals / Deposits

Instantly Buy & Sell Digital Currency with no fees!

Unlike other exchanges, myCryptoWallet not only allows you to buy and sell your digital currency instantly, we also let you do it for free! Gone are the days of losing large percentages of your holdings in exchange fees. myCryptoWallet is revolutionising the digital currency exchange process by giving you exactly what you've paid for! You shouldn't have to try and calculate how much money you will lose in fees each time you want to trade, and with myCryptoWallet, you don't have to!

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Take Advantage of Our Free Fiat Withdrawals

We don't believe you should be charged extra just to get your money out from the exchange, so we provide completely FREE fiat currency withdrawals for Australian and New Zealand customers (AUD/NZD)

Instantly swap between Digital Currencies for Free

Unlike other exchanges, we have no waiting times for swapping between different digital currencies. If you want to turn your Bitcoin into Litecoin, you can do it for free, and you can have access to it immediately!

Experience our Safe and Secure Transactions

All digital currency transactions are processed using blockchain technology, the world's safest value transfer network in human history! We also hold all fiat currency holdings in escrow, so you can be confident that even if you have to use your old and outdated fiat currency, we take care of it using the safest method of custodianship currently available.

Get cash out at any ATM with your myCryptoCard

myCryptoCard is our eftpos reloadable swipe card designed to give you access to your Digital Currency holdings like never before. Now you can load up your card using any of our five available digital currencies directly from your smart phone, and either use that money to make purchases or withdraw funds from over 900,000 eftpos enabled terminals across Australia. Best of all, we don't charge any fees to use the card! When you use myCryptoWallet, the power to spend your digital wealth is right at your fingertips!