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KOL Predicts OP, UNI, RUNE, and PLS to Surge in Next Bull Cycle

An Altcoin Daily YouTube channel host has identified a number of altcoins he expects to rally significantly during the next bull run. He categorized the crypto tokens as alternatives to more popular ones that have performed well in the past.

In a recently uploaded video, the host argued that the identified crypto tokens would soar on the back of an anticipated Ethereum spot ETF launch. He cited a recent filing by U.S. exchange Nasdaq that suggested an Ethereum ETF would be launching soon. He also noted comments from Eric Balchunas, senior ETF analyst at Bloomberg, who said he does not see any reason for the SEC to deny an Ethereum ETF.

The market’s positive reaction to recent ETF news, both genuine and false, reinforce the Altcoin Daily host’s belief that an Ethereum ETF will be launched, and that it will be a bullish development.

Considering the expected growth of the Ethereum ecosystem, he predicted that altcoins would pump significantly in the upcoming bull cycle. He also identified the specific altcoins that would rally significantly, comparing them with more established crypto tokens that performed well in the past.

The YouTube channel host thinks Optimism (OP) will be the next Polygon. He believes that Ryan Wyatt, former Polygon Labs President, joining Optimism as Chief Growth Officer will be crucial to the protocol’s development. He noted that Wyatt was significant to the growth of Polygon and would likely replicate that with Optimism.

Uniswap (UNI) claimed the second spot on the list, following recent developments in the DEX’s ecosystem. The cited events include the protocol’s front-end fees topping $1 million within a month and introducing a 0.15% fee for web interface and wallet app transactions.

ThorChain (RUNE) joins the potential high-rallying tokens following the platform’s recent growth. The protocol recently became the second-largest DEX in trading volume, surpassing PancakeSwap and second only to Uniswap.

The host spotted PulseChain (PLS) as the next ADA, using various on-chain metrics to support his prediction. According to some data he shared, PulseChain has 399,000 active wallets, a TVL of over $200 million, and over 50,000 validators, among other impressive metrics. That puts the Richard Heart-founded project among the crypto tokens expected to rally significantly during the upcoming bull run.

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