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OCEAN Whales Await This Critical Level for Long-Term Purchases! Updated OCEAN Analysis

  • Resistance and Upside Target: Ocean coin is approaching the $0.4477 resistance. If it can achieve daily closes above this resistance, it may experience an upward movement towards the levels of $0.485 and $0.55.
  • Long-Term Buying Zones: Coinotag Analysts have identified the range of $0.3356 – $0.3121 as a suitable buying zone for long-term spot purchases.
  • Critical Support and Reaction: For Ocean to sustain its upward trend, the critical support range is $0.3356 – $0.3121. A drop to these support levels could prompt many whales to be ready for buying opportunities.

Ocean coin may sustain its upward trend with daily closes above the $0.4477 resistance. The range of $0.3356 – $0.3121 stands out as a buying zone for long-term investors.


Daily Ocean/USD Price Chart

When examining the daily technical chart of Ocean coin, it is observed that it is approaching the $0.4477 resistance zone. If OCEAN coin can achieve daily closes above the $0.4477 resistance, it may continue its ascent towards $0.485 and subsequently to $0.55 levels.

When evaluating long-term spot buying zones, Coinotag Analysts have identified the suitable buying range as $0.3356 – $0.3121. In the event that Ocean coin experiences a decline within this range, it could be considered for long-term spot investment.

For Ocean to sustain its upward trend, it is crucial to see a decline to the critical support range of $0.3356 – $0.3121. In this scenario, many Ocean whales are expected to be ready for buying opportunities. Investors seem to have placed buy orders within the specified range.

If Ocean coin closes below the $0.3121 support, the last buying zone to watch is $0.2957. It is emphasized that $0.2957 is a critical region for Ocean to demonstrate strong resilience. However, if the coin closes below the $0.295 level, the downtrend could extend towards $0.27.

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