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Allnodes Joins Chiliz Chain as a Validator, Expanding Commitment to SportFi Ecosystem

Chiliz, the premier blockchain provider for sports and entertainment, made a significant announcement today as Allnodes officially joined Chiliz Chain as a validator. The news was shared on Chiliz’s official Twitter account, expressing excitement about the continued growth of the SportFi ecosystem.

In a tweet, Chiliz stated, “We are delighted to announce Allnodes joining Chiliz Chain as a new validator.” This move comes shortly after Allnodes entered the SportFi ecosystem by releasing their PublicNode Chiliz Chain RPC. By becoming a Chiliz Chain validator, Allnodes is reinforcing its commitment to the platform and the broader blockchain-based sports and entertainment space.

We are delighted to announce Allnodes joining Chiliz Chain as a new validator 🤝@Allnodes already joined the SportFi ecosystem recently by releasing their PublicNode Chiliz Chain RPC. Now they increase their commitment by becoming a Chiliz Chain validator.#ChilizChain ⚡ $CHZ pic.twitter.com/hSZ4yip7j3

— Chiliz ($CHZ) – Powering Socios.com ⚡ (@Chiliz) November 15, 2023

Expanding the Boundaries of Blockchain Innovation

Allnodes, established in 2018, is a platform designed to simplify the hosting and staking process for nodes across various protocols. The platform’s focus on non-custodial hosting ensures that users retain complete control of their assets, enhancing security and reducing the risk of unauthorized access to funds. Allnodes specializes in making node deployment hassle-free, eliminating the need for advanced technical expertise.

Apart from providing hosting services, Allnodes enables non-custodial staking for numerous cryptocurrencies. Staking entails securing funds in a cryptocurrency wallet to contribute to the operational functions of a blockchain network, leading to the accrual of rewards. Allnodes caters to over 70 protocols, such as Chiliz Chain, Ethereum, Bitcoin, BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, and more. Users have the opportunity to both host nodes and engage in staking for a variety of cryptocurrencies on the platform.

Chiliz, at the forefront of blockchain innovation for sports and entertainment since 2018, has been the driving force behind the creation of Fan Tokens. These digital assets connect over 170 major sporting organizations with their global fanbases through the Socios.com fan engagement app. Chiliz Chain, rapidly emerging as a hub for leading sports brands in the Web3 space, has recently removed the whitelist, making it more accessible for developers to deploy SportFi solutions.

Over 80 Fan Tokens from renowned sports clubs such as FC Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester City, Juventus, and many more are already deployed on the Chiliz Chain via Socios.com. Fan Tokens, renowned for their increasing utility, are the most widely adopted digital assets for fan engagement in the sports sector. They can be exchanged on multiple marketplaces, including Binance, OKX, Bitget, Paribu, ChilizX, and others.

The Chiliz ecosystem features various community apps, custodial solutions, and upcoming DeFi lending and DEX solutions, showcasing its versatility and commitment to providing a comprehensive blockchain-based sports and entertainment experience. SportFi, a pioneering concept by Chiliz, represents the intersection of the sports industry with blockchain-based commodification, allowing fans to financially engage with their favorite sports entities.

In a related development, Chiliz recently announced that Animoca Brands has joined Chiliz’s blockchain network as a validator and leading participant, contributing to the decentralization of Chiliz Chain’s governance. This move reinforces the collaborative nature of the Chiliz ecosystem and its commitment to expanding the boundaries of blockchain innovation in the sports and entertainment industry.

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