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HashQuark Teams Up with SSV Network for Ethereum Validator Decentralization

Blockchain staking services provider HashQuark establishes a partnership with SSV Network. SSV Network is an open-source, decentralised, trustless DVT Network. These entities’ agreement is a milestone in decentralising Ethereum validators, enabling transaction validation on the Ethereum network. The partnership between HashQuark and SSV Network aims to decentralize Ethereum validators, specifically enhancing the decentralization of the validator layer in Ethereum’s staking ecosystem.

SSV Network’s Trustless DVT Network Sets the Standard for Ethereum Validator Decentralization

A BLS12–381 key pair is generated when a validator is generated. This key is needed to execute network tasks and authenticate data transactions every 6.4 minutes, or “epoch.” Industry standards need the validator key to be always linked, which might be challenging for even the most skilled users to maintain connectivity and data integrity.

Distributed Validator Technology (DVT) aims to construct an Ethereum validator on numerous nodes with little trust. This unique technique tries to distribute ETH validator functions to non-trusting nodes, significantly increasing Ethereum validator layer decentralisation.

The DVT Network deployment is called SSV Network. This approach encrypts, divides, and distributes a validator’s private key to nodes. This novel method eliminates the requirement for node operators to rely on each other for validator duties. This method prevents validator operators from making unilateral judgements and allows a restricted number of nodes to temporarily disconnect without affecting network throughput. Staking on Ethereum can now be fault-tolerant, decentralised, and secure.

SSV Network is a decentralised, open-source, trustless DVT Network. It offers a reusable infrastructure for Ethereum validator decentralisation. The system operates independently, boosting its legitimacy and dependability.

HashQuark’s Trusted Services Catalyse Global Advancements in Blockchain Technology

Ethereum’s validation layer relies on several non-trusting nodes, called operators, to perform validator tasks. Cluster operator nodes run validators for stakeholders. This solution addresses Ethereum’s Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism’s centralization, redundancy, and security flaws.

HashQuark’s blockchain staking services are world-class. As a core member of HashKey, HashQuark supports most standard public chains. Native and liquid staking services provide this support. HashQuark provides trustworthy and secure blockchain development and consumer services worldwide. This commitment promotes blockchain technology innovation by advancing practical applications.

SSV Network and Ethereum’s collaboration advances Ethereum’s validator layer decentralisation. This cooperation uses Distributed Validator Technology to improve Ethereum’s staking ecosystem’s durability, fault tolerance, and decentralisation. The dedication to secure and reliable services supports global blockchain technology innovation.

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