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PassPay Co., Ltd. Forms Alliance with EOS Network Foundation and EOS Labs, Centered on Blockchain Technology

PassPay Co., Ltd., a leading force in digital payments based in Minato-ku, Tokyo, under the leadership of CEO Yoshikatsu Kitano, announces a groundbreaking alliance with blockchain technology trailblazers EOS Network Foundation and EOS Labs. The strategic collaboration is poised to reshape the landscape of financial services by harnessing the potential of blockchain technology, with a particular focus on optimizing digital payments.

Strategic Objectives of the Alliance

The strategic alliance between PassPay, EOS Network Foundation, and EOS Labs is driven by a collective vision to redefine the landscape of digital payments. Both companies are collaboratively engaging in research and development to advance the application of blockchain technology within the financial sector. The primary objectives of this groundbreaking partnership include:

Integration of EOS Network with PassPayWallet: The alliance will see the integration of the EOS Network, renowned for its exceptional performance and minimal gas fees, into PassPayWallet. This move aims to elevate the user experience by capitalizing on the strengths of the EOS Network.

Innovation in Blockchain: Leveraging EOS’s advanced blockchain technology, the collaboration seeks to enhance the transparency and efficiency of PassPay’s payment systems, setting new standards for secure and efficient transactions.

Token-Based New Services: The synergy between PassPay and EOS will give rise to the development of innovative financial services and tokens based on EOS blockchain technology, opening new avenues for digital transactions.

Enhanced Security: The integration of the latest security features of EOS blockchain technology will fortify transaction security, ensuring a robust and secure environment for users.

PassPayWallet’s Remarkable Growth and Future Plans

PassPayWallet has quickly gained prominence in the cryptocurrency industry, amassing over 1300 downloads within six months and sustaining a remarkable growth rate of 200 downloads per month. Plans are underway to expand support for additional networks, and PassPayWallet aims to introduce payment functions using stablecoins, offering users the ability to transact in a currency with a more stable value.

PassPayWallet is not merely a wallet app; it stands as a pioneer in shaping the future of cryptocurrency. The introduction of stablecoin JPYW and the development of a comprehensive wallet capable of managing various digital assets, including stablecoins, underscore PassPay’s commitment to overcoming challenges in cryptocurrency adoption for everyday transactions. In addition, the collaborative effort between PassPay and EOS Network seeks to integrate JPYW into the EOS blockchain.

Yves La Rose, Founder and CEO of EOS Network Foundation, expressed, “Our collaboration with PassPay to introduce JPYW on the EOS blockchain fills us with great enthusiasm. This move is set to broaden the horizons of the EOS Network, offering fresh applications and bringing the transformative capabilities of blockchain technology to a wider audience in Japan. Working together with PassPay, we’re poised to propel the integration of blockchain into the fintech sector and establish pioneering benchmarks for the industry.”

Transforming the Financial Landscape

Together, PassPay, EOS Network Foundation, and EOS Labs aim to propel the integration of blockchain into the fintech sector, ushering in transformative capabilities that contribute to the sustainable development of the digital future. This collaborative effort is poised to introduce transformative advancements, setting the stage for a new era in secure and efficient financial transactions.

Yoshikatsu Kitano, CEO of PassPay Co., Ltd., expressed confidence by stating, “Our new partnership with EOS represents a significant step in maximizing the potential of blockchain, and we are confident that PassPay is entering a new stage in digital payments. We look forward to providing our customers with even more secure and efficient services.”

EOS Network Foundation is a leading organization dedicated to supporting and promoting the blockchain technology and ecosystem of EOS. Their core activities include developer education, community support, funding research, and strengthening the technological foundation of EOS, aiming to maximize the potential of blockchain for a sustainable digital future.

PassPay is committed to overcoming the “three walls” hindering the use of cryptocurrencies in everyday life. They have issued the Japanese Yen stablecoin “JPYW” as a solution to challenges associated with price volatility and the underutilization of the borderless nature of cryptocurrencies. In addition to stablecoins, the PassPay Wallet allows managing various cryptocurrencies and NFTs on the blockchain, with a focus on expanding the use cases for JPYW and developing applications to bridge people and digital life.

Overall, the alliance between PassPay and EOS Network Foundation marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of blockchain technology, promising to deliver enhanced financial services and redefine the future of digital payments. This strategic move not only symbolizes a commitment to technological innovation but positions the alliance as a vanguard in shaping the future of blockchain adoption.

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