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Laws for Bank’s Crypto Compliance Need Overhauling: ECB Chief

In a bid to drive proper crypto regulations within the European Union (EU), the European Central Bank’s chief supervisor Andrea Enria has pointed out a regulatory loophole that can protect banks operating in the area in their crypto embrace journeys.

Crypto Regulation and Potential Bank Shield

According to Enria, the newly approved EU and global crypto regulation approved by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) may weaken the ECB’s ability to properly regulate banks and as such, must be overhauled.

He noted that the regulation that permits banks to serve as crypto custodians, provide wallet services and the exchange of digital currencies, and act as crypto portfolio managers are outside of the purview of the apex bank for the bloc.

Part of the limitations uncovered by Enria is the inability of the ECB to fully appraise how much a bank can gain exposure to crypto on behalf of its customers. With this oversight ability absent, applying the right safeguards will be impossible. Europe is lauded as one of the most proactive regions in the world with a forward-thinking approach to crypto regulation.

This is showcased in the passage of the Markets in Crypto Asset (MiCA) whose phased implementation is set to begin next year. According to Enria, the ability to bypass the prudential regulatory framework that is billed to take effect soon serves as a bottleneck that might undermine the exact purpose of the MiCA in the grand scheme of things.

“In fact, if crypto-asset service providers controlled by banks are not within the scope of their prudential consolidation, the BCBS standard and especially the exposure limit may become ineffective,” he said in a statement.

Advocacy for Encompassing Regulation

Enria’s position is hinged on bolstering the overall financial framework of the European Union and he advocates for maintaining robust regulatory compliance between traditional finance companies and the crypto world.

The regulation of crypto remains a frontline discussion among policymakers today. In the United States, crypto industry leaders have called out the regulation by enforcement tactics of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that has led to high-profile cases like those featuring Ripple Labs Inc, Coinbase, and Binance Exchanges respectively.

Today, lawmakers are joining a bipartisan push for crypto regulation and Europe’s path is one experts are advocating for the country to follow after.

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