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Beamswap Unveils Enhanced UI for Improved User Experience

This is exciting news for the Moonbeam Network and Polkadot communities. Beamswap’s latest user interface (UI) update is live and ready to give users an even better experience than before. A more polished and sophisticated visual design improves user pleasure and navigation. The visual identity and core of Beamswap have been kept, so one may not notice any substantial changes. After exploring the platform, customers will find a streamlined and smart interface that increases the user experience by ensuring smooth and enjoyable interaction.

Beamswap’s Menu Overhaul Offers Clear Subpage Introductions

Simplification has been done to the platform’s seven main menu segments. Site use and navigation have improved due to sub-option consolidation or simplification. This update adds a menu item to clarify subpage content. This menu will include brief introductions to help people understand their options.

🎉 Exciting news @MoonbeamNetwork and @Polkadot Community! Our #Beamswap’s New UI Update is Now Live! 🚀

✨We are proud to give our community the best version of Beamswap yet. With a cleaner and more professional look, it aims to improve user experience and offer users easier… pic.twitter.com/wCOxI3foc7

— Beamswap (@Beamswapio) November 17, 2023

Trading perpetuals on Beamswap is now easier. Customers can easily access the Beamex perpetual decentralized exchange (DEX) by going to Perps on the top menu.

Yield Farms, a key part of Beamswap, is now in the Yield area of the top menu. Users may now see the daily token yield on the redesigned Farms page to track their cryptocurrency harvesting progress. Selecting a pool to increase returns, stake assets, and receive incentives has become more user-friendly and straightforward.

The clear, professional user interface improves the entire user experience. By simplifying Beamswap navigation, users can improve their experience. Menu sub-options are simplified and consolidated to improve navigation. The effective technique ensures consumers may find necessary information without hassle.

Beamswap Facilitates New Projects on the Multichain Framework

The redesigned menu’s concise introductions clarify each subpage’s content. User benefits include a better understanding of their options. Beamex perpetual DEX in Perps makes perpetual trading easier and more accessible. Yield Farms improved position in the Yield section and daily tokens enhance the yield farming experience. Users can make better decisions by considering their cryptocurrency harvest season.

As a Moonbeam Network DeFi Hub, Beamswap helps expand Moonbeam’s ecology. The platform serves as a launchpad for new projects, supporting the multichain framework. It also hosts the Moonbeam and Polkadot Ecosystem projects. Beamswap’s UI overhaul improves the user experience, navigation, and clarity. These improvements make the Moonbeam and Polkadot platforms more user-friendly and accessible, benefiting the community

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