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Binance Futures Announces Listing of This Altcoin with 50x Leverage!

Binance Futures, a leading platform in the cryptocurrency derivatives market, announced that it will list BEAMX. The proceedings are planned to start at 16:30 on 17-11-2023.

Binance Lists BEAMX in Futures with 50x Leverage

Here are the key details about the BEAMXUSDT Perpetual Contract:

Start Time: Trading for the BEAMXUSDT Perpetual Contract will begin at 16:30 on 17-11-2023.

Leverage: Traders can enjoy up to 50x leverage on the BEAMXUSDT Perpetual Contract.

Funding Rate: At launch, the maximum funding rate for the BEAMXUSDT Perpetual Contract was set at +2.00%/-2.00%.

Funding Fee Settlement: Funding fee payments will occur every four hours.

Depending on market risk conditions, Binance reserves the right to adjust various aspects of the BEAMXUSDT Perpetual Contract. These adjustments may include funding fee, tick size, maximum leverage, initial margin, and maintenance margin requirements.

Users have the flexibility to trade the BEAMXUSDT Perpetual Contract across multiple collateral assets, subject to applicable collateral deductions.

Enabling Multi-Asset Mode allows users to use assets such as BTC as margin when trading on the BEAMXUSDT Perpetual Contract.

*This is not investment advice.

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