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Here Are the Most Held Assets on Uphold after XRP

Kaspa (KAS) and XDC rank alongside XRP as the most held digital assets on the Uphold exchange.

XRP accounts for the largest share of digital assets under the watch of the prominent American trading platform Uphold. It commands the overwhelming share with a percentage exceeding 60%, surpassing the figures for Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), which have less than 10% presence in Uphold.

In particular, according to Uphold’s transparency portal data, the exchange has $2,326,381,433 ($2.32 billion) assets in reserve. XRP makes up $1,436,889,968 ($1.436 billion), compared to $184 million in Bitcoin and $88 million in Ethereum.

These figures imply that users of Uphold have entrusted 2,310,483,949 (2.31 billion) XRP tokens to the U.S.-based platform. Moreover, Bitcoin and Ethereum have similarly not emerged as the most held assets after XRP by Uphold users.

KAS and XDC Next to XRP on Uphold

In a recent tweet, Martin Hiesboeck, Head of Research Uphold, disclosed the digital assets users held the most after XRP. According to the researcher, the native tokens of Kaspa (KAS) and XDC Network (XDC) are the next in line after XRP on Uphold.

$KAS and $XDC are the most held assets after $XRP on @UpholdInc

Last week $KAS even surpassed $XRP in trading volume. 🤯

About that year end bonus boss … 😆

For full info go to https://t.co/0984uSWASo. We are the pioneers of radical transparency. 💚 pic.twitter.com/zKtQuSxh5G

— Dr Martin Hiesboeck (@MHiesboeck) November 19, 2023

Per Uphold’s transparency portal information, the dollar value for the KAS tokens on the exchange amounts to $52,531,750. Given the token’s price of $0.14150, it implies users have entrusted 371,249,116 units of KAS to Uphold.

Also, the portal shows Uphold holds $56,543,598 of customers’ XDC tokens. Since XDC trades at $0.05203, crypto traders have deposited 1,086,749,913 XDC to Uphold.

Although Bitcoin and Ethereum may wield a higher dollar value due to their prices, the assertion from Uphold’s Head of Research implies that KAS and XDC enjoy greater popularity among users on the platform, given that fewer individuals hold Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Interestingly, Hiesboeck highlighted that KAS had previously surpassed XRP in terms of a 24-hour trading volume. However, it is worth noting that XRP maintains a substantial overall transaction count on Uphold, standing at 18.9 million, compared to 108,700 for KAS.

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