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BUILD.5 Aims To Be A Comprehensive Web3 Platform Making It Easier To Interact With DLTs Like IOTA And Shimmer

With the latest update, released in November 2023, BUILD.5 takes significant steps towards becoming a comprehensive web3 platform by optimizing interoperability with distributed ledger technologies (DLT) such as IOTA and Shimmer. The Project API in BUILD.5 is a major milestone in the development of the platform. It decouples the underlying Platform OS from the Soonaverse, allowing different ecosystems or “Verses” to thrive on the BUILD.5 platform. Each version can serve a variety of interests, from IOTA and Shimmer-focused communities to IoT collaborations, environmental sustainability initiatives, and healthcare research spaces.

The migration of BUILD.5 from iota.js to iota/sdk marks a decisive step towards supporting Stardust on the IOTA mainnet. Despite the challenges of refactoring, this update highlights the robustness and stability of BUILD.5. The platform now seamlessly supports the main Shimmer and IOTA networks.

The auction functionality in BUILD.5 now extends beyond NMT, allowing users to conduct auctions on a variety of items. This update introduces features such as Incremental Bid, Multiple Winners, and Top Up functionality, increasing the flexibility of auction management. Stamp API solves the critical problem of ensuring data integrity in blockchain applications. By storing checksums on Tangle, it enables the creation of immutable records for a variety of use cases, such as protecting IoT device updates, backing up content servers, and more.

Image: Cryptopolitan

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