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Dogecoin Whale Moves Over 103 Million DOGE from Robinhood

A Dogecoin whale has transferred over 103 million DOGE from the popular trading platform Robinhood. This comes after the chief meme coin experienced a significant price uptick.

A month of notable transactions

November has been a busy month for Dogecoin, with several substantial transactions recorded. Whale Alert, a service that tracks large cryptocurrency transactions, reported various significant transfers involving Dogecoin.

On Nov. 15, a transfer of 690 million DOGE (worth about $50.3 million) occurred between unknown wallets.

Similarly, on Nov. 13, 140.6 million DOGE were moved from Robinhood to an unidentified wallet.

Earlier in the month, transactions of 75.3 million and 73.6 million DOGE from and to Robinhood were noted, along with a massive transfer of 250 million DOGE to Robinhood on Nov. 7.

Dogecoin’s market performance

According to CoinGecko, a leading cryptocurrency data aggregator, Dogecoin’s price is sitting at $0.076853, with a 24-hour trading range between $0.074809 and $0.082678.

The market capitalization of Dogecoin reached approximately $10.94 billion, with a 24-hour trading volume of over $1.73 billion.

This uptick in Dogecoin’s price and market activity is partially attributed to the news of a physical Dogecoin token planned to be sent to the moon in December.

This ambitious project, which was undertaken by space payload transporter Astrobotic, has stoked anticipation among Dogecoin enthusiasts and investors.

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