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Jupiter unveils airdrop to over 950,000 wallets on Solana

Jupiter, the largest decentralized exchange aggregator on Solana by swap volume, unveiled a retrospective cross-chain token airdrop program to reward early users.

The airdrop is part of a community-focused initiative that will distribute four billion (40%) of Jupiter’s total 10 billion tokens to users across four phases, the project’s pseudonymous founder Meow announced on X.

Starting next week, the first phase will release one billion Jupiter tokens to users who have done a minimum of $1,000 in swap volume on the protocol. The eligibility list includes 955,000 wallets from a snapshot taken on Nov. 2. The airdrop features various tiers of rewards based on the volume of user swaps. Future airdrop rounds will reward new users, the team clarified.

The official airdrop allocation website will go live next week, enabling everyone to verify their allocation amount and other pertinent details.

Jupiter consolidates liquidity from multiple DEXs on Solana, ensuring users find the most favorable rates for their token swaps. The platform was developed by a group of pseudonymous developers in October 2021.

Currently, the Jupiter DEX aggregator is one of the standout projects on Solana, with a trading volume nearly $1 billion in October.

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