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Pundit Argues XRP ETF Will Trade Freely on Robinhood After Launch

While prominent U.S.-based trading platform Robinhood has failed to support XRP on its platform despite the regulatory clarity, a crypto community figure now speculates about a scenario where an XRP-based product deals on Robinhood.

In a recent tweet, an acclaimed crypto expert, “Del Crxpto,” shared that an exchange-traded fund (ETF) based on XRP could freely rock the Robinhood trading platform.

This speculative sentiment came amid the BlackRock iShares XRP Trust filing submitted on the Delaware state government outlet. With the talks about the likelihood of a BlackRock XRP ETF, Del Crxpto highlighted the mounting hypothesis.

He noted rumors circulating that such an XRP investment vehicle would “freely” trade on Robinhood in a scenario where the BlackRock XRP ETF comes to fruition.

🚨 Rumor Alert: $XRP$XRP ETF rumors continue, with many crypto insiders hearing that not long after its release the $XRP ETF will trade, for free, on @RobinhoodApp.

— Del Crxpto (@DelCrxpto) November 14, 2023

Can XRP ETF Trade on Robinhood?

Del Crxpto expressed a conviction that the U.S.-based platform would welcome the XRP ETF regardless of the exchange’s unchanged view about XRP. Notably, Robinhood has refused to list XRP even after the U.S. court pronouncement in July.

Meanwhile, virtually all other leading U.S. trading platforms that initially delisted XRP proclaimed renewed support for the digital asset. Interestingly, Robinhood later delisted more cryptocurrencies, including Solana (SOL) and Cardano (ADA), following the SEC’s regulatory onslaught on Binance and Coinbase.

Despite Robinhood’s supposedly strict policy in listing investment products, Del Crxpto is convinced that an XRP ETF would go live on the platform.

To give a dose of credibility to his speculation, Del Crxpto highlighted his previous forecast about Shiba Inu trading on Robinhood. Two years ago, the expert tweeted multiple times, highlighting inside sources stating Shiba Inu would trade on the Robinhood crypto exchange.

<span style=font weight 400>Del Crxptos Shiba Inu listing forecasts<span>

Interestingly, the predicted Robinhood Shiba Inu listing materialized in 2022. His current XRP ETF listing speculation on Robinhood similarly follows his Shiba Inu forecast, which includes citing insiders.

However, it is worth mentioning that the said BlackRock XRP ETF filing on the Delaware Commission website has been confirmed to be counterfeit by representatives of BlackRock. Despite this reality, Del Crxpto retains his sentiments.

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