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XRP Ledger Layer-2 Achieves Significant Milestone

XRP Ledger Layer-2 platform Evernode takes to X to excitedly announce the completion of a big milestone.

FYEO, a Web3 security audit firm, has completed the successful code review of Evernode’s three hooks. This is significant given the need for Hooks to be secure, as it is open-source and controls the Register of Hosts and distribution of Evers.

Big milestone for Evernode!

Thank you, @goFYEO for being so easy & professional to work with.

Very important that our 3 Hooks be secure. They’re open-source & control the Register of Hosts and distribution of Evers.

Congrats to the team from @GeveoAu

Launch update incoming! https://t.co/U2fdxFy0rU

— Evernode – No Trustline & No Support🪝 (@EvernodeXRPL) November 15, 2023

In response, the Evernode team has resolved all security issues discovered during the audit.

On Oct. 31, Xahau, the first protocol sidechain for the XRP Ledger, went live. On the same day, FYEO revealed that it had completed the security review of Xahaud, the code base for Xahau.

Evernode will be the first Xahau-native project to launch. Announcing its plans shortly after Xahau went live, Evernode stated it was targeting a launch date of Nov. 27, citing the audit of Hooks and the mechanics for EVER airdrops.

Now that the audit of Hooks has been successfully completed, Evernode seems a step closer to launch. In a tweet, Evernode said its launch update was incoming.

In another tweet, Evernode stated that it would soon share airdrop details. At the start of November, Evernode said it was waiting for XUMM to add support for users to clone their XRPL accounts on Xahau, which is a necessary feature for the logic of the Evers airdrops.

Per its most recent update on X, Evernode stated it had to redesign things as the XUMM wallet was delayed in supporting account cloning.

Evernode intends to distribute 5,160,960 Evers to eligible XRP holders; the airdrop snapshot was taken on Sept. 1.

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