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Celestia and InQubeta Continue to Shine as Traders Rush to Get Involved

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Celestia (TIA), a modular blockchain, has seen a surge of interested individuals, both old crypto fans and new crypto observers, as it put out its mainnet beta following its airdrop.

Similarly, the InQubeta (QUBE) platform, which is presently in its presale phase, is drawing investors and cryptocurrency newcomers.

Celestia Modular Monolithic Blockchains

The Celestia Foundation has made its blockchain open after obtaining approximately $55 million in a series A and B investment round last year. It is characterized as a “modular data availability network that securely scales with the number of users.” This is expected to address the scalability and stability difficulties that monolithic blockchains like Ethereum and Solana are experiencing.

Following the launch, the Foundation declared that the blockchain realm has entered a new period dubbed “the modular era.” When monolithic blockchains try to grow, they lose decentralization and security, which are two important parts of blockchain technology.

Modular blockchains, on the other hand, can handle scalability problems by using set routes for speed and execution. Celestia transports data at a noticeable speed by combining this functionality with data availability sampling (DAS), which it also utilizes to validate accessible data on a blockchain.

With this introduction, other modular chains will be able to use Celestia as a data availability and consensus layer, and the business hopes to offer one gigabyte blocks soon to provide plentiful data availability for the ecosystem.

The on-chain value of the airdrop, which distributed the native cryptocurrency, TIA, to around 580,000 users, was estimated to be $120 million. However, it was revealed on Nov. 3 that more than 410,000 qualified airdrop participants have failed to receive their TIA tokens.

As of this writing, one TIA token was trading for $6.30, up 16.9% on the 24-hour chart and 168.4% and 180% on the 7 and 14-day charts, respectively.

InQubeta and Development of AI Startups

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology can help most other businesses by expediting digital transitions in various ways. From the healthcare sector to the manufacturing sector, e-commerce, customer service, virtual assistants, and financial services, AI aids in automating processes, chatbot deployment, patient diagnostics, data analysis, and so on.

This makes AI a necessary sector in the digital age, and it has fueled its rise. The power of AI to spread its tentacles and aid in the formation process of many businesses has not only sparked ethical debates but has also proven to be a venture that many traditional investors are unsure about supporting.

As with many emerging technologies such as blockchain, Web3, and so on, the exponential growth of the field has not provided enough time to investigate and determine whether it is a worthwhile financial goal.

Furthermore, it is becoming increasingly clear that traditional solutions are unsuitable for new industries, and the finance component of AI businesses is no different. InQubeta was created for this very reason.

InQubeta, the first crypto crowdfunding platform, promises to lower the barrier to accessing money for AI startups by allowing interested investors to directly participate in them. With its fractional investment model run on its QUBE tokens, InQubeta is redefining both the funding and community participation aspects of AI firms.

Startups mint and fractionalize their investment prospects as NFTs. These rewards and equity-based NFT bits will subsequently be available in the InQubeta NFT marketplace for QUBE holders to purchase and invest in a seamless and quick procedure. They will also invest as it fits their budget.

The deflationary token provides a one-of-a-kind chance for investors who are passionate about the evolution of the AI area to not only support their preferred projects but also reap the rewards of being an initial adopter of their preferred startups.

QUBE is now in its sixth round of presale, selling for $0.0161. QUBE, like TIA, is bullish, with over 75% of stage 5 allotted tokens sold.

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