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DappRadar Launches Quests to Gamify Web3 Discovery

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DappRadar has launched Quests, a targeted user acquisition and product discovery tool that taps into gamification and an engaging reward system. Dapps (decentralized applications), games and other Web3 projects can sign up to deploy quests, while users can discover compelling tasks and products through the Quests hub.

Already the world’s largest dapp discovery platform, DappRadar covers more than 15,000 dapps across more than 50 blockchains. With hundreds of new dapps being added every month, it’s a challenge for projects to stand out from the crowd.

Web3 discovery is scattered across platforms like X (formerly Twitter), Telegram and Discord. This makes user acquisition extremely challenging. Dapps need to build a community and attract an audience. DappRadar Quests will be a powerful tool for attracting users and building community. Built within the leading discovery platform for decentralized applications, DappRadar Quests embraces both on-chain and off-chain actions as part of their questing system.

Powerful incentives for both Web3 developers and users, make DappRadar Quests a groundbreaking tool for targeted user acquisition. The three million unique wallets that interact daily with dapps, can now tap into DappRadar Quests to discover new and exciting Web3 projects. As the market for blockchain applications heats up, demand for engaging and rewarding discovery platforms such as DappRadar will grow further.

DappRadar Quests allows dapp developers to acquire a targeted audience, while users can discover new products, earn rewards and level up their status within the DappRadar platform. Not only does DappRadar Quests pave the way for dapp discovery, it’s also the first step into the gamification of the DappRadar platform.

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Since 2018, DappRadar is the World’s Dapp Store, the central point for the discovery of decentralized applications. DappRadar tracks over 15,000 dapps across 55+ blockchain ecosystems. DappRadar is powered by DappRadar DAO and RADAR, and offers Web3 enthusiasts powerful, insightful and understandable data points to discover premier blockchain applications in every product category.

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