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Ethereum (ETH) Whales Make Bold Moves in the Market Amid Recent Price Rally

In a recent tweet, Lookonchain, the Web3 data analysis platform, provided a comprehensive overview of Ethereum (ETH) market activities over the past week, shedding light on significant transactions and movements by prominent whales and entities within the ecosystem. The tweet initiated a discussion on the bullish or bearish sentiment surrounding Ethereum, focusing on the actions of SmartMoneys and prominent whales within the market.

Bullish or Bearish on $ETH?

Did SmartMoneys and Whales buy or sell $ETH over the past week?


Here is a thread. pic.twitter.com/8yvCO0UI9H

— Lookonchain (@lookonchain) November 14, 2023

Decoding Ethereum Whale Movements

One of the notable observations made by Lookonchain was the resurgence of the Ethereum whale with the address “0xE4F4,” which transferred a substantial 26,406 ETH (equivalent to $54 million) to Bitfinex after lying dormant for approximately three years. Currently, this Ethereum wallet holds an impressive 60,078 ETH, valued at $123.4 million.

Contrastingly, another whale identified as “0xBf71” deposited a considerable 30,001 ETH (approximately $62 million) into Binance, resulting in a total loss of around $183 million. Meanwhile, wallets “0x07F1” and “0x14C5,” potentially belonging to the same individual, staked 5,000 ETH on May 26. Later, on November 10, they withdrew 5,090 ETH, subsequently depositing it into exchanges.

In addition, whale “0xee47” accumulated 3,200 ETH (valued at $6.7 million) after a seven-month hiatus. Currently holding an impressive 183,742 ETH ($387.8 million), this Ethereum whale has an unrealized profit of approximately $154 million. On the other hand, “0x78D0” started accumulating ETH at an average price of $1,768 from Kraken on May 24 and now holds 12,680 ETH, equivalent to $26.16 million, with an unrealized profit of about $3.7 million.

A smart whale demonstrated a high win rate in trading Ethereum by depositing 25,700 ETH (worth $49.42 million) into Binance on November 9, just before the ETH price experienced a significant surge, resulting in an estimated earnings of approximately $1.5 million. Notably, this whale has not made any subsequent ETH purchases. Lastly, the 1inch Team Investment Fund made headlines by selling 1,500 stETH for 3 million USDC, currently holding 7,000 stETH, valued at $14 million.

Ethereum Latest Price Movement

Amidst these intriguing market activities, the current Ethereum price stands at $2,033, reflecting an 8.41% increase in the last 7 days. After a thorough analysis of the daily chart, it becomes apparent that a successful breakout above the 100-day and 200-day exponential moving averages, situated around $1,750, has fueled significant bullish momentum, resulting in a notable surge.

The heightened buying pressure has propelled the price to the crucial $2,000 resistance zone, distinguished by both its psychological significance and the existing supply. Despite this upward trajectory, the ETH price has formed a long-term rising wedge pattern, with the price on the brink of surpassing its upper trendline. Should buyers effectively drive the price beyond the $2,000 resistance and breach the upper boundary of the wedge, it could signal the onset of a mid-term uptrend for Ethereum.

Overall, the detailed insights on ETH whales’ movements provided by Lookonchain highlight the dynamic nature of the Ethereum market and the strategic moves made by influential players, leaving the community eagerly anticipating the next market developments. As the ETH community eagerly anticipates further market developments, this comprehensive overview serves as a valuable resource for decoding the complex maneuvers of influential players in the market.

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