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Ethereum Foundation’s Wallet is Active Again – There Are Some Significant Transfers

The Ethereum Foundation transferred 1,200 ETH, equivalent to $2.36 million, to the Grant Provider wallet.

In addition, 75 ETH worth $148,000 was transferred to the wallet with short address “0x180c” just two hours ago. Despite these significant transfers, the Ethereum Foundation still has $2.09 million worth of ETH in its wallet.

However, when all the foundation’s cryptocurrency wallets are examined, it is seen that the amount it owns is ETH worth $ 618 million. In the transfer made 4 days ago, $2 million was moved out of the foundation, and a month ago, $3 million was moved out of the foundation.

The Ethereum Foundation develops applications and programs for the Ethereum network, but it is not a formal organization or central group that controls what happens on the chain. However, it still remains very influential and can affect token prices or the overall outlook of Ethereum among investors or developers.

In addition, the altcoins in Vitalik Buterin’s wallet are among the topics that the cryptocurrency community is curious about. Buterin generally holds Ethereum, but especially new crypto projects send tokens to Buterin’s wallet for free in order to attract attention. Similarly, the SHIB token, worth over $1 billion, was donated by Vitalik Buterin to an India-based charity.

Its assets include $482.60 million ETH, $564.94 thousand KNC, $389.20 thousand WETH and $96.23 thousand THE. Additionally, hundreds of altcoins with smaller values are also in the wallet of the ETH founder.

*This is not investment advice.

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