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Whale, who made a profit of 14 million dollars in Ethereum, sold a lot of ETH! Here are his actions!

While investors see the declines in the market as a buying opportunity and the rises as an opportunity to take profit, whales continue to attract attention with their transactions.

At this point, Lookonchain shared his transactions, stating that an Ethereum whale has already earned approximately $14.3 million from his ETH investment.

Accordingly, this whale last sold 6,099 ETH for 12 million USDC at $1,964 about 4 hours ago.

Looking at ETH transactions in the last year, Lookonchain said that this whale managed to withdraw its ETH from FTX just before FTX went bankrupt.

Whale began trading ETH for profit in December 2022 after the FTX crash, making 22 trades in total.

However, the whale was not always able to buy low and sell high.

“A whale who made approximately $14.3 million on Ethereum sold 6,099 ETH 4 hours ago at $1,964 for 12 million USDC.

Is this whale worth the copy trade?

This whale started trading ETH for profit in December 2022 and made 22 trades in total.

This whale hasn’t always been able to buy low and sell high. It did some damage.

But fortunately, the whale started buying ETH before the price increase in January. The whale also purchased ETH during the USDC decline in March and before the recent price increase.

As a result, the whale earned approximately $8.3 million from ETH trades and now holds 20,000 ETH and approximately $6 million in unrealized profits.”

ETH continues to trade at $1,985 at the time of writing.

1/ A whale who made ~$14.3M on $ETH sold 6,099 $ETH for 12M $USDC at $1,964 4 hrs ago.

Is this whale worth copy-trading?

Let’s take a look at how he trades.👇 pic.twitter.com/JngtszbIDf

— Lookonchain (@lookonchain) November 15, 2023

*This is not investment advice.

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