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Justin Sun Announces He Identified the Hacker Who Stole $114 Million from Poloniex, Makes an Offer

Cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex recently confirmed the identity of the hacker who stole more than $110 million from the platform.

Sun’s message to the hacker was clear:

“We have already confirmed your identity and Chinese, US and Russian police forces are involved. All stolen funds will be marked for tracking and unusable and frozen by financial counterparts. If you return by November 25, 2023, we will give away a $10 million white hat hacker reward. “If he is not extradited by then, police forces from multiple countries will take action.”

North Korean hackers were previously suspected to be behind the attack, adding another layer of complexity to the recovery effort.

In order to reassure its users, Poloniex announced that deposit and withdrawal services will restart within the next week.

In his first offer to the hacker, Justin Sun offered 5% of the stolen amount. The hacker must not have been convinced, this time the offer was doubled and corresponds to 11.4 million dollars. However, in such cases, even though the hacker receives a reward, he is still held legally responsible.

*This is not investment advice.

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