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“This Project Will Be A Rugpull Scam Soon, Withdraw Your Funds Immediately”

Cryptocurrency expert ZachXBT has issued a warning about potential fraudulent activities associated with Lendora Protocol on the Scroll network. He called on the community to immediately withdraw their assets from the protocol, citing several red flags that indicate the protocol may be a scam product.

ZachXBT stated that an amount of $83,000 raised by the Lendora team multisig wallet was due to the Kokomo “exit scam.” The Kokomo Finance team went missing with $4 million in user funds.

Additionally, multiple users of the protocol have been linked to the Kokomo and Bass Exchange exit scams, raising concerns about the protocol’s legitimacy.

Lendora Protocol also reports that it uses the same low-tier security firm Vital Block that was previously linked to the alleged Magnate scam, according to the analyst. This connection further raises doubts about the reliability of the protocol.

According to the statement, the group behind Lendora Protocol has been involved in many other scams, including Magnate, Solfire, Hash DAO, Kokomo, Snowflake, and more. These scams reportedly resulted in a total loss of over $16.2 million.

Lendora Protocol was recently launched following their previous project, Magnate, which allegedly scammed $5-6 million. Despite launching recently, the protocol has already raised $6 million. ZachXBT suggests that the group may be depositing funds from previous scams to encourage people to use the protocol.

*This is not investment advice.

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